Grab some popcorn, this’ll be awhile…

WHY do I always do this?  I procrastinate and procrastinate updating my blog, knowing that it is only going to mean more work for me when I finally do post!  And a LOT has happened in the last three and a half months!  Where oh where to start….

Well I guess I will start with the biggest and most exciting news….I’M PREGNANT!  Yep, it’s true….not that any of you don’t know this already 🙂  I am about 16 weeks along, due October 25.  I am getting a baby bump finally, as you can see in the pictures below.  We have had one ultrasound and there is only ONE in there [as far as we can tell right now!] and everything was all good at my appointment.  I have another appointment Thursday, but no ultrasound.  We will NOT be finding out the sex of the baby, so I’d love to hear guesses and name suggestions 🙂  B and I both think it’s a girl and have taken to calling it Baby Herbie and Gordita.  My mom and sister also think it is a girl {so I’m sure it will pop out a boy, right?!? haha}.  Anyway, here are a few pics, most of which you’ve probably seen if you are on Facebook or Instagram..

Image our announcementImage 13/14/15 weeks


Image latest bump picImage B talking to lil’ Gordita

I have been feeling fine, I was insanely tired for the first trimester, but no morning sickness (thank you good genes!).  I finally have most of my energy back and am excited to start the nursery and all that fun stuff!


Since I last posted, we have been down to London quite a few times, up to Edinburgh for part of my spring break, and we just got back from Koln, Germany (Cologne).  We have found our new favorite thing to do in London: Street Feast!  Basically, it is where a bunch of {fancy} food truck vendors set up in a designated area and have a little festival with food, drinks, and music.  The food is amazing and it is definitely not a touristy event, so we love it!  I have been keeping a travel journal, so I will have to post pictures of my journaling on here soon!  Edinburgh was amazing!  We were there for 3 days, 2 nights, and lots of walking!  Again, I will have to post pics of my travel journal, because looking at it is probably way cooler than me typing everything we did…. but as an overview, we went to some museums, checked out the Camera Obscura and World Of Illusions, took a ghost tour, ate delicious food, hiked to Arthur’s Seat, and visited Edinburgh Castle.  The castle was amazing, the coolest we have been to so far!  We ate traditional Scottish food, haggis, which is basically sheep stomach and innards mixed with oatmeal….B was a fan, I thought it was alright.  The weather was pretty nice for us, but I’d love to go back when it’s just a bit warmer!  Here are a few pics, though I suggest you go to my Facebook albums and check them all out!


the castle, Edinburgh architecture (above), the view hiking to Arthur’s Seat (below)


For my 29th birthday {shhhh, don’t tell anyone I’m that old!} in April, some family friends were in town visiting after a work trip, so we all went to Cambridge for the day.  B and I had only very briefly been to Cambridge and had not done any exploring really, so this was a lot of fun.  My favorite thing was punting (kind of like a gondola)– we went on a tour of all the prestigious colleges in Cambridge from the water.  It was nice and relaxing.  Having family friends in town was exciting- we got to show them our favourite things to do around Brandon and of course, our favourite places to eat!  Here are a few pics from Cambridge (again, many many more on Facebook!!):





As I mentioned, we just got back from Koln, Germany, which was absolutely amazing!  Once again, we had family friends that came to Europe for work, so they flew into London, where we spent the weekend, then stayed at our place for a few days before heading to Germany, where he is working.  I will post again soon about Koln, as it is an entire post in itself!  Just know that it was fantastic!!!

Let’s see, what else has been going on…in between all of this excitement of pregnancy and traveling, I have managed to fit in work and master’s classes.  When I posted in February, I was getting ready to start subbing in the SureStart classroom.  Well, as I imagined, I LOVED every minute of it!  I was there for five weeks and truly feel like I got to know the kiddos and connect with them.  I even connected well with quite a few of the parents, and I was super bummed to leave them once the permanent teacher arrived.  I want [NEED] to post some of the super fun activities I did with them, as we had a Dr. Seuss week and other fun events!  I have now been back in my regular position and it is still pretty much the same as always.  I do work with a few additional students, one in Kindergarten, a few in first grade, and a few in third grade, so it is nice to have a change of pace throughout the day and week.  I am debating what I want to do next year as far as positions go.  I think I am planning on substituting instead of working as an aide, especially with the baby coming.  We will see as the year wraps up though.

My master’s classes are going well, I am really enjoying being back in the routine of learning, discussing, and all that fun stuff.  It is a lot of work but I feel like the program is a good fit for me.  The professors have been great and my classmates come from diverse backgrounds which makes the classes interesting.  I have a class this week, but am looking forward to my break after my June class.

Well I am sure there is more to report, but I definitely covered most of the important things.  I will post again much sooner I promise!

ALSO….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO THE BEST BEST BEST MAMA IN THE WORLD!  If I am even half the mom that you have been, I will be doing something right 🙂 LYB!

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