Having a jolly good time :)

Lucky for you all, I’m not working yet….which means I have plenty of time to post again 🙂  

B and I had a wonderful weekend together!  B took the day off Friday, and we were planning on exploring either Thetford or Norwich.  Our “new” car had other plans 😦  We took our “new” car into get worked on on base early Friday morning, hoping it would be a quick fix.  Almost 7 hours later, they got the part in and “fixed” it [I say “fixed” because we are still having some problems with it, but whatevs, it works for the time being.]  Luckily we brought our computer and iPad, and there is a nice little center on base with Starbucks, wifi, and comfy couches.  So we spent his day off playing on the internet and watching the rain fall, haha.  Oh well.  Friday night we met up with a guy B works with and his friends at a restaurant in Bury…deelllissssshhh!  We made it a fairly early night with some wine and beer at home.  

Saturday we headed to a festival nearby called “The Big Onion” {the estate putting on the festival grows….drumroll…..onions!}.  We went with a guy B skateboards with and his wife and baby {who is freaking adorable BTW}.  There were tons of little booths selling and giving samples of local food and drinks [ummmm let me tell ya ’bout this local vodka. amazeee].  B and I were feeling adventurous and tried lots of crazy items (chicken liver pate anyone?) and got some yumalicious stuff!  I took lots of pics, of course, and was fortunate enough to have a gorgeous little model, miss Sophia (daughter of our friends).  There were kids games and activities, as well as a donkey ride [no, I didn’t ride an ass].  We headed to Bury after that so they boys could go to the skateshop….oh yea, so my husband is 28 and skateboards, have I mentioned that?  It’s cute, he’s like an 8 year old stuck in a 28 year old body hehe.  Anyway, we had dinner in Bury as well, then us wives decided we would let them go to the skatepark (we’re so kind, eh?).  B and I ended our night at a pub near our house– we met some fabulous British friends, and ohmygaaahhh they were so. darn. funny.  Like so funny my abs were in pain from laughing so much.  ‘Twas a fabulous night, and B and I were super pumped about making British friends!  

Sunday was our first truly lazy Sunday we’ve had together in awhile- they are our favourite!  We literally didn’t get out of our pyjamas (sooo British!) until about 5pm, when we decided we wanted to get some food and watch some *AMERICAN* football on base.  I hate being 5 hours ahead of Eastern time, solely for the fact that we can only watch a limited amount of American sporting events without pulling an all nighter {and anyone that knows me knows I just don’t do all nighters, I need my beauty sleep!}  

Anyway, it was an absolutely perfect weekend, and I am SO thankful that B didn’t get called into work!  He is on call for every weekend in September, which makes planning anything pretty much impossible.  We are hoping to celebrate his birthday (which is Sept 19, but will be celebrating in Oct more than likely) somewhere fun, like a weekend trip to London, so I can’t wait for that!  Before too long we will be planning our trip back to the states for the wedding!  So many things to look forward to, and this is just the beginning!  Here are some pics of our exciting weekend, hope you enjoy!  







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