It’s the final countdown….

The packing has begun and my anxiety is skyrocketing!  Apparently, I have not been very clear about my life lately, so for those of you that don’t know, I am officially packing up my life in Atlanta and moving over a thousand miles away to be with the love of my life 🙂  I am beyond excited for this gigantic step in my life, but also very nervous.  {And NO, I am not getting married, not yet anyway 😉 Don’t worry, everyone will know when that happens!!}  I am not nervous about the actual moving part of this whole ordeal, I LOVE new places and experiences and adapt well to change.  My anxiety comes into play when thinking about jobs.  I have applied to what feels like 93,845,720 jobs.  I have had a few responses and am patiently waiting for more…  The trouble with picking up and moving across the country is that my teaching license is for GEORGIA and I will most likely be teaching in either Texas or New Mexico (posing yet another problem…where to live, where to teach, which certificate to apply for…).  I currently have a certificate to teach art PK-12 and in an elementary classroom PK-5 in Georgia.  After doing some research, I am discovering it may take more time, effort and money to transfer my certificate than I originally thought.  I am guessing my summer might be consumed with some standardized tests [yippeeee] and filling out paperwork.  While neither really bother me, I am just overwhelmed and anxious right NOW, as I feel there isn’t much I can do at the moment.  Another problem I am facing is that there are very few schools in the area I am moving to that have art at all.  This means that I am primarily looking for a classroom position, which is what I think I truly want anyway.  I have actually gotten the chance to teach a few mornings this past week in a Kindy classroom {testing schedules are all sorts of crazy} and absolutely loved every second of it!  I think I would really enjoy a kinder or first grade position.  As much as I think I would do well in a classroom, it’s harder to get one when I didn’t get a degree in Early Childhood Education, but still have a certification in it due to taking the GACE.  {blah, blah, blah, I know.} Basically what I am saying is that finding a teaching job is very tedious and I am just hoping that a lovely, kind, trusting school district believes in me enough to interview (maybe even hire!) me and allow me to get all the other business taken care of before the school year begins.  *Letting go and letting God…I know it will all work out eventually…*   

Anyway, on to more exciting topics…  Over spring break I went out to New Mexico to visit B and it was a nice trip, but waaayyyy too short.  I can’t wait until we don’t feel like we have to squeeze a million things into a few days!!  We did manage to grab a dinner with our new pals 🙂 and explored downtown Clovis (which took all of an hour, tops-LOL).  While I was there we also drove over to Palo Duro Canyon, which is just outside of Amarillo and is the second biggest canyon after the Grand Canyon (who woulda guessed!?!).  It was absolutely beautiful and something we will definitely be doing again–we hiked and I took about a bajillion pictures [surprise, surprise].  We only stayed for the day, but I can see us going back and camping there too!  There are a lot of state parks in New Mexico and west Texas, so I can see that as being our saving grace and getting us out of Clovis at least one or two weekends a month.  After Palo Duro, we spent the night in Amarillo before I headed out the next day.  We made two very exciting (well, exciting for me) discoveries in Amarillo:  one was a bar we went to–nothing too out of the ordinary except that they paid for our cab home!! Apparently enough people get sloppy there that they instituted this so that people would get home safely, haha…whatever the reason, we were excited!  Our other discovery was a po-dunk, hole-in-the-wall diner that we went to for breakfast.  We found it on foursquare or urban spoon or something and drove by it…and Brandon was like no way, absolutely not.  I finally convinced him we should go and the food ended up being delicious {as long as you are ok with pregnant women and the cooks smoking and being looked at like “outsiders” since everyone else was clearly a regular…haha}  Anyway, like I said, great visit, but I am ready to just be there.  

I’m sure I could write more about boring things going on at school and such, but to be honest, what I am mostly concerned with is 20 more days with the kiddos and just over a month until I will be outta here!  So crazy but SO exciting!








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