Busy Bee, but not too busy to post!

Looky looky, it hasn’t been 3 weeks and I am posting!  I have been following my “Happiness Project” list pretty well, and, while I don’t necessarily think it has made me happier, it is definitely helping me stay on top of grading, lesson plans, keeping my apartment tidy, and just getting things done in general.  And I suppose this all contributes to my overall happiness, so hooray for me!  This past week was incredibly busy for me (including this weekend!), but has been fairly productive too.  

In addition to my normal working schedule, Tuesday I had to put up an art display in the County Office, and if you follow my classroom blog, you will know that it’s up and looks great, but not without some grumbling from me.  I love having the kids’ artwork on display in the community, but it is a LOT of work.  I don’t mind the work until it seems like it is for nothing.  When I got there, half of my stuff didn’t fit, including an awesome piece of artwork I really wanted to show off.  I will say that I am truly proud of how talented my students are–I don’t want to compare their work to some of the stuff I have seen on display, but really, my kids’ stuff is pretty great!  

Anyway, Wednesday night we had our Black History Program, which I went to after I worked afterschool, making for a VERY long day (leaving my house at 6am and returning after 8pm!).  I created the backdrop for the performance, so seeing my hours of work with all of the students’ and teachers’ hours of work was pretty wonderful 🙂  

Thursday and Friday were pretty much a breeze after the busy beginning of the week.  Plus, I got to play catch up with a good friend Friday night at dinner–we are going through some similar things in our lives right now so it was nice to chat and relax and just enjoy spending time with her.  Saturday was a FULL day beginning with applications and resumes and such for the schools I am applying to out in west Texas/New Mexico.  I still haven’t heard back from the school I interviewed with, so while I haven’t completely given up hope, I am definitely focusing on applying elsewhere as well.  After getting some of that stuff done, I also caught up with a friend from college through a phone date and I love hearing everyone’s exciting life stories right now, we are all in the midst of such a crazy part of our lives!  Then I helped my dear friend Layla with making her wedding invitations which was fun, I love putting my craftiness to good use (and spending time with some lovely ladies!!!).  

Today has been a very productive Sunday–grocery shopping, laundry, more applications/resumes, cleaning, etc.  I am excited and anxious to send out all of these applications and such and hopefully it will lead to a job!  I am hopefully going to be back in New Mexico for spring break, and I think we are going to try to start planning out some of what will happen as far as actually moving and such.  This is such an exciting and anxiety-inducing time in my life, but it is definitely all going to pay off! 

In the short term I am super excited to see my sister in a few weeks and am glad that this week will be a bit let overwhelming than last week!  

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