back to school, back to school….

Two days down, two to go (not to mention the 175 after that ;))  It’s been two days FULL of meetings…blah!  That is something I am definitely not used to….our old principal was not much on talking so she was always short, sweet & to the point.  I have a feeling this year will be a bit different.  While that may be true, it seems that not much else will be changing too drastically, which is good.  I am getting fairly good vibes so far for the school year, and am getting more and more excited to see my kiddos.  I have started a classroom blog, so once I get some more on it, I will link it to this blog.

I really don’t have much else to say since my mind has been almost solely focused on school….as always, I am missing my boyfriend and wishing he was here to help me put my classroom together {and massage my feet before bed!}

I do want to congratulate my wonderful friend Layla on her engagement 🙂  So many fabulous people taking big steps in life: cross-country moves, engagements, marriages, and babies!  I suppose I’m about that age that those kinds of things happen!

Exhausted. Good night. Pics and updates soon!

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