Well I am down to my final weekend of freedom this summer!  I can’t believe the school year is here already, although I think I am ready for it.  I have been in my classroom most days this week and have gotten quite a bit accomplished.  Every year I discover new ideas for organization and lessons and I have been putting them to use!  My obsession with Pinterest and the subsequent blogs I find doesn’t help much 😉  I am thinking about starting a classroom blog as well.  One of the Kindergarten teachers at my school writes one and I love looking at hers and other teachers’ also.  They are so helpful for getting ideas and problem solving in the classroom.

I have met our new principal, and the grade chairs met with her today.  From the looks of it, she is going to allow us to continue “running” our school the way we have been with our old principal.  While there will be definite differences, this renews my faith that this year won’t be completely miserable.  I was talking with another teacher about the changes that are taking place in the county and in the school and we both agreed that it might be God’s way of kind of telling us that big changes are in the future.  I know for me, the changes this year will help lead me to my big change of moving away from Georgia and discovering what is out there for me come next May.

Today was my last day at the Y.  While I am not overly upset, I will miss a few people I worked with and mostly, the kids.  I have bonded with a few lil ones and their parents, and it will be sad not to see them every week.  I think I will be glad to get back to children who are ALL potty-trained, can feed themselves, and use real words and sentences to express themselves (I will probably regret saying that last part at some point in time, lol).  I do love the feel of a baby in my arms, but who knows, maybe within the next few years I will have one of my own 😉  **note: this will NOT happen until I have two rings on a left-hand finger and a little fun time with my hubby, don’t get any ideas!**

Speaking of my hubby…well, I mean my honey….I found out yesterday that the earliest he will be back is October, so we were both a little bummed about that news.  I had pretty much already ingrained it in my mind that he wouldn’t be back until then, but he had been hearing here and there that it could be as early as August.  I am just hoping that he and I will get to have some time together when he gets back since I will be working and everyone that was in Afghanistan will be wanting to take leave also.  I know we will both come out of this stronger and our relationship will be that much better, but I am SOOOO ready for him to be home!

Oh. And I miss my sister.

K that’s it.

this reminds me of my dad...happy birthday pops 🙂


two of my favorite things....love it!


because i feel like some people need a quick lesson.



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  1. Hang on to your passions, Molly – and to your love of Brandon (clearly, neither seem to be an issue right now)! 🙂 You are a great inspiration to me – I love reading your blogs and seeing the brightness in our younger generation (although, ahem, I’m not THAT much older than you)! Love and Miss you BIG – wish I could see you more often!!

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