i need a bigger apartment!

So, I really don’t need much space to live, and my apartment is pretty spacious….BUT my crafts and school supplies are TAKING OVER!  No joke, I think I have craft supplies and school stuff on nearly ever surface in every room of my apartment.  While it drives me crazy that my house is so messy, I am finally getting excited for school and loving all of my  projects 🙂  I went into school Wednesday (instead of going to the pool! go me!) and actually got a few things done despite the insane heat.  Our school doesn’t have the AC on yet so I was dripping sweat moving furniture and putting up bulletin board paper.  I have decided this year that I am not going to go along with the school theme (if we still have one with the new principal).  Normally I am totally into the themes and school spirit and all that jazz but I decided this year that, between the new principal and it {most likely} being my last year there, I wanted to do my own “theme.”  I also wasn’t super crazy about the theme that had been chosen (outer space).  It’s a great idea for classroom teachers but much harder to incorporate into the art room.  So I am just going with colorful, bright decorations and a super artsy “theme.”  Like I said, I already put up bulletin board paper and borders and arranged the actual layout of my room, so now I can focus on organization, decoration, and getting my lessons and such together.  I have been a pintrest addict lately, scouring teacher blogs, craft blogs, and just blogs in general.  I have gotten some fantastic ideas [you know, those ones that you go “duh, why didn’t I think of that” when you see them].  I also finally bought some supplies for my room today from the dollar spot at Target (my FAVORITE store) and the dollar store.  My Cricut is getting a lot of use too which is exciting 🙂

In other news, I had another exciting and busy weekend.  Friday I spent some time at the pool with some lovely ladies, which is always fun.  Friday night was my friend Raymond’s birthday and they somehow convinced me to go out after dinner and I had a blast.  I was driving though so I was sippin on water at the bar 😉  It somewhat made me miss going out all the time, but also made me realize I am definitely not a club rat anymore, lol.  Saturday I went out again for my friend Hilary’s birthday, which was also a good time…I got to see lots of people I hadn’t seen in awhile this weekend so I was excited about that.  *I am sooo blessed with so many amazing people in my life!*

I would say I am going to enjoy my last week of freedom to the fullest, but since I work every day and plan on getting school stuff done, I will not be relaxing quite as much as I thought.  Like I said though, I am getting back into the groove of things and think I may *gasp* be about ready to go back to school 🙂


lots of homemade crayons 🙂


yay for back to school stuff!


my crayon ART letters


baby wipes, bins, and sponges (very important stuff!)


a sneak peek at us making the wedding invites 🙂 🙂 🙂



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