this is my clever title.

As you can tell, I was having trouble coming up with a clever title for this post.  It’s been awhile.  And to be honest, I don’t have very much to update….my Fourth of July was extremely boring.  It was my first Fourth of July in Atlanta in the 4 years I have lived here and I didn’t have a single plan (other than relaxing at the pool, which I did plenty of!).  Last year I spent the Fourth with my honeybee so I was definitely missing him this year.  I cannot wait for him to come back so I can smootch his face!

Anyway, since the Fourth I have just been working, working out (finally getting into my get right workout routine…although the horrendous cough I have right now might put that on hold again, ughhhh), and laying by the pool.  I have also been feeling rather crafty lately, so I will have to post some of my creations!  I finally got around to making some homemade crayons, which I have been meaning to do since school let out…they turned out so fun!  I think I am going to take some to the Y tomorrow for the kids to color with 🙂  I have been obsessively searching the internet for fun DIY projects and even some stuff for my kiddos to do once we are back in school {speaking of which, THREE WEEKS of freedom left, yikes!}  I really need to start making lists (ha, when am I NOT making lists?) of things to pick up from thrift stores, etc.  I have millions of great ideas and need to just do it!

So, yea, school starts in THREE weeks…for us teachers at least.  I think I am going to head to the school this week sometime to see if anyone destroyed my classroom this summer like they did last summer.  [For those that don’t know this story, basically a family came in to talk to the counselor over the summer last year and their kids “went on a walk” in the school—stopped in my room and decided to fling some paint around and knock stuff off my walls, as well as destroy a few other rooms….when I got back to school my room was nicely painted a new white, but looked like a tornado had gone through it otherwise.  Read: Miss M. NOT HAPPY.]  I am interested in meeting our new principal…  Hopefully the horror stories aren’t true and this year will be smooth sailing.

Ok, off to bed in hopes that my painful and obnoxious cough will be gone in the morning!

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