dear june, where did you go? love, molly

Seriously, where did June go?  I absolutely cannot believe that it will be July 4th weekend this weekend!  June has been absolutely fabulous and, as much as I hate to see my summer fly by, it also means that I am closer to seeing my wonderful boyfriend!  It was great having my sissy down visiting, we did a lot of relaxing and a good bit of wedding planning stuff too 🙂  I can’t believe my baby sister is getting MARRIED!  I am so excited!  Speaking of Woo, I just got back from spending the weekend in Ohio for her graduation party.  It was nice to see my family and lots of family friends.  I ate and drank entirely too much, which is why TOMORROW I must get back on my workout plan!  Like I said before, I don’t really care about losing weight or anything like that, but I feel so BLAH right now because I haven’t worked out since before Nashville….

I am kind of excited to {hopefully} enjoy a fairly quiet July.  I would like to spend some more time at the pool and with my Atlanta friends 🙂

For once, I don’t have much else to blab about (other than missing my honey dearly which I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about lol), so here are some fun pics for ya!

(i LOVE pinwheels)












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