Summa summa summatime!

Wooooooohooooo I made it!  Well, almost…a few days of workshops and I’m home free!  And let me tell you, I am sooooo over school right now.  There is way too much drama there, and a lot of the time I feel like I am in the middle of it.  I really try not to rock the boat too much with anyone at work, since it is my WORKPLACE (many people seem to forget this), but geez, some people need their boat rocked!  Anyway, I will be glad next Thursday when I am officially done with the school year and ready for summer.  Meaning, of course, I can start my summer job 🙂  I was just offered a job at a YMCA in their nursery room (basically hanging out with kiddos up to 6 years old while their parents are working out).  I am super excited not only because I will be making some extra cash but also because 1. I won’t be quite as bored, 2. I will get a YMCA pass so I can work out whenever, 3. I loved working at the Y in Columbus, so hopefully I’ll love it here too 🙂  4. The shifts are only 5 hours, which will be much better than my 10 hour+ days at school!  I am still working at the zoo so I will be keeping myself busy this summer, which is good.

In other exciting summer news, CMAfest is only 2 weeks away!  For those of you that don’t know about CMAfest, first of all, you should, second of all, it’s one of my most favorite weekends of the year!  Four days and nights of country music and fun!  It’s my one “vacation” planned this summer, so I am definitely looking forward to it.  It’s also four days with some lovely ladies 🙂

My new apartment is finally organized, arranged and cleaned (minus the few random things I brought home from school after cleaning my classroom), and it feels sooo much better!  I don’t cringe every time I walk in the door anymore.  I am definitely enjoying the apartment more than I thought I would.  I LOVE living alone, and Roxie actually seems to be doing better here than she did at the house.  I just wish she wouldn’t be such a wuss and go on walks with me.  The neighborhood is pretty nice, so I would love to take some nice long walks with her and wear her out (while burning a few calories :)) I’ve also LOVED having a pool already [even though it’s technically not open yet, oops!].  I have met some cool people my age that hang out there, so that’s fun too…

Anyway, that’s my update for the moment, I know I’ve been slacking…

I want a REAL, beautiful, exciting vacation like these!  With my honey please!

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