Welp, I signed my life away today…not really, but I did find a place to live!  I am feeling relieved and a little anxious.  I am definitely excited to live on my own but a little bit bummed that I will be farther from the city than I am now.  I suppose it will be worth having no drama and doing what I want whenever I want 🙂  Plus I will have access to a pool and fitness center 🙂  My lease starts Monday, so I have lots to do this weekend.  As for right now, I am sitting on the deck with a glass of wine enjoying the empty house (my roommates have already left…although my one roommate’s dog is still here which worries me a bit, lol).

While I am glad I found a place to live, I really do wish this would’ve taken place over the summer, the end of the school year is just so crazy!  I know I’ve probably said this a bajillion times, but seriously, I can’t believe my fourth year teaching is almost over!!!  I am so very lucky I love my job and school..and I am truly glad I will be around another year 😉

I am missing my honey like crazy….I haven’t been able to talk to him all day, and am not sure the next time I will, which is such a bummer.  I’m glad we’ve been able to talk a lot lately though, I don’t think I could’ve made it through all this craziness without him or my family.  My parents have been so wonderful through this all…I have called them crying and upset and angry and frustrated and they have been so supportive and helpful and I am even more grateful that they are coming down to help me move.  I told you before, I have THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD!  Again, I am just so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving, incredible people (even if they are miles away).  THANK YOU to my amazing friends, family, and boyfriend!!

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