I have a job!  Wooooohoooooo!  I did get my contract Wednesday so I know for sure I will be employed for the next year in Atlanta.  What a relief!  It is nice knowing I will not be splitting schools or going into something blind.  So that is the good (great!) news, for the not-so-great news, I have nowhere to live!  Yet…  My roommates have decided to move into a two bedroom (long story but I am going to be a lady and say it’s for the best.)  So now, I am in the process of finding a one bedroom so I can live on my own again.  I think that is going to be my best bet and I think I will be happiest this way.  I have been checking out some places online and will be going to look at some soon 🙂  Like I keep saying, everything always works out the way it is supposed to, so even though it is a minor setback right now, it will be for the best eventually.  I just wish it wasn’t during the last month of school!

Which brings me to that—4 more weeks of school!!!  So unreal!  There is a lot of craziness going on with our contracts and post-planning days and such so I am praying that it all gets worked out…even if it means I need to get a FOURTH job, haha.  But seriously.  And, speaking of other jobs, they have been working my butt off at the zoo this weekend!  I enjoy it but I am completely exhausted when I am done!  My goal is to be out of the shower, teeth brushed, and in bed by 9 tonight (earlier would be completely acceptable).

With all this “life” going on, I can’t wait until I am with my honey all the time and can enjoy time with him and enjoy having a place for us.  I love looking at interior design/decorating ideas and seeing all the fun stuff I wanna do one day when I actually STAY somewhere, lol….

2 thoughts on “updownupdownupdownupdown….

  1. So glad you have a new contract! That’s got to be a load off your mind. Now you can concentrate on finding the perfect place to live, and making it truly your own. How fun that will be!!

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