Hoping tomorrow is a big day for me.  Amazingly, the school board voted Monday to reinstate both art and music full time next year (with some drawbacks such as furlough days), but I can handle the pay cut if I have a job!  As I was telling people today though, I won’t truly, truly believe anything until I see it in paper and can sign on the dotted line.  So tomorrow it is (supposedly)…contracts are to come out tomorrow and if my name is on one, I will be signing IMMEDIATELY before they change their minds on us again!  It has been such a grueling, time-consuming, stressful process and I just want it all to be over with.  I’m sure everyone will be happy to hear me stop complaining (sorry everyone!).

We are finally back on a regular schedule at school now that the testing is over and I am so glad.  The kids have actually seemed to calm down some–I think now that the “big event” is over they can relax and shake some of that anxiety.  They have been quite humorous lately also.  Or maybe I have just noticed it more because my boyfriend was telling me that when he was here he was very entertained by them, so I started to pay more attention to some of their conversations with other students and such….  I think being a teacher I get immune to a lot of it and don’t really notice everything.  I really wish I had a tape recorder with me most days though ’cause some of the things I catch are just priceless!  Not that I am counting down or anything, but 23 more school days with the lil ones until summer break!

Aaaaand just a few more days until I can eat chocolate and buy shoes again!  You never really realize how much temptation there is to do things you aren’t supposed to do until you have made a decision not to do them.  The chocolate thing is driving me crazy with my birthday just passing AND all of this Easter candy floating around.  I have definitely missed it!  While the shoes haven’t been quite as hard as the chocolate, I desperately need a new pair of flip-flops and a pair of black heels I can wear to work (thank you Roxie for destroying both of my favorites!).  I don’t need to go wild and buy 20 pairs, but I would like to splurge a little!

More shoes and fun stuff for today…

Shoes and books, what more could a girl want??

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