crafty crafty :)

I am getting better and better on my Cricut–and a family friend gave me a TON of vinyl scraps that they had so that is what I am playing with now and I love it!  All this week I have been a crafting queen!  We have been testing the Cricut, trying to come up with some invitation ideas, placecards, etc.  It’s fun to do it since I have lots of time to practice and play and experiment.

OHHH and newsflash- Shelby got her dress!!!!!  It’s gorgeous and I am so excited for her!  I also ordered my bridesmaid dress which I am super excited about (although I think I am going to be most excited for the cowboy boots that are going to go with it!!)  Going to get dresses and such makes it soooo much more real.  We both feel like we got a lot done this week though 🙂

So it’s been rainy and chilly all week here in Ohio, which doesn’t bother me too much since I am here with my family, BUT I have been daydreaming of a real vacation somewhere warm and beautiful….hopefully this summer I can at least make it down to Florida for some beach time.

I really want to go to these vaca spots!

Back to being crafty 🙂

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