snug as a bug

I am, as my title says, snug as a bug curled up on the couch with my pup and a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup (my daddy loves me!)  Being home has been wonderful!!!  I’ve been busy, but busy doing enjoyable things 🙂  We’ve gotten some wedding planning done, and I got to see the venue today–it is perfect for my sister.  Yesterday my mama and I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory which was fun- I love taking pictures there (will post some later!)  I’ve also been playing around a lot with my new arts and crafts stuff…we have gathering things for Shelby’s wedding (and I’ve been buying some fun stuff for myself)  I am loving just having some down time.

I got to Skype with my boy tonight which made me smile 🙂  He’s wonderful and I miss him like crazy!

I have decided when I “grow up” and get married and have a house of my own, I want a library in it.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read and already have quite a collection of books.  I definitely get my love of reading from my mom, but unlike me, she is a library queen.  While I do enjoy checking books out every now and then, there is just something about owning books that I love.  With everyone buying these new Nooks and iPads and such, all I’ve heard is how nice it is to download books and take them with them wherever, etc, etc.  I just can’t imagine myself with one.  I love the feel and smell of books and really don’t think I would like looking at a screen while I was trying to read.  So I think having a room dedicated to my love of books (including, of course, a comfy cozy place to read) will be perfect!

Check out these awesome home libraries!

Well I think I’m off to…READ!  Good night!

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