dear spring break…where are you?

Ok seriously….6 more school days until spring break.  And I’m not sure I’m going to make it.  I feel like the kids {and adults} have lost their minds this week!  People are basically just kinda pissing me offf, lol.  I CANNOT wait to go home to my family over spring break, even if it is going to be busy busy planning for the wedding.  I am so excited for my sister, I think she found her venue 🙂 🙂  I can’t wait to look at dresses, decor, and photographers!  This makes me all the more excited to plan a wedding one day for myself 🙂  I love these wedding pics from various wedding blogs:

The upside to this week has been that I’ve been able to Skype with my love ❤  I get to see his handsome face and hear his voice!  I am missing him like crazy and it’s so strange not to be able to just pick up the phone and call him.

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